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The Creative

Part of the world's top 10 for almost two decades. Elo peak rating 2830, the fourth highest ever. The only player to have won the World Cup twice. Impressive statistics can be associated with the name Levon Aronian, and yet such testimonials of top class do him only limited justice.

The chess world is a better place when Aronian plays well,

Garry Kasparov has written about the Armenian. Among his peers, the best in the world, Aronian is considered the one with the greatest creativity. His constant search for surprising solutions and sharp ideas makes his games the most attractive in every tournament he takes part in.

Three time Olympic champion

Not only the games are the most attractive. Aronian expresses his creativity through his clothing as well. His footwear has caused many debates among observers, his colorful shirts have on many occasions tested the limits of conservatively held dress codes. Add to that Aronian's playful charm, his smiling mischievousness, and he's a favorite of interviewers and fans alike.

In his native Armenia, Aronian enjoys superstar status. Playing on the first board for the Armenian team, Aronian became Olympic champion three times. He changed his Federation in 2021 and in 2022, he represented the USA at the Chess Olympiad in Chennai.

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